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Name Size (px) CPD
Giga Šis baneris tiek izvietots portālā zem augšējās rīkjoslas 1000x250 EUR2.00
New content Šis baneris tiek izvietots portāla sludinājuma vai izsoles pievienošanas sadaļā. 500x250 EUR1.50
Side banner Šis baneris tiek izvietots portāla labajā sānu malā 300x600 EUR2.20
Side payments Šis baneris tiek izvietots portāla labajā sānu malā Maksājumu sadaļā 300x300 EUR1.00

1. Banners with any offending or indecent content are not accepted.

2. The service, price or offer mentioned in the ad must be a reality without any additional conditions.

3. You don't need to take advantage of the pronouncements - Best, Everything, Leader, Best, and so on.

4. Advertising from placement agencies, other advertising services, is not accepted.

5. No ad is accepted that contains offers for easy-to-do opportunities on the Internet, the distribution of goods or services through network marketing (MLM).

6. The content and the banner-making materials must comply with the requirements of “LR copyright law”.

7. Fully compliant with the requirements of the “LR Advertising Law”.